Motivational Moments with Maria

Create New Habits

September 13, 2021 Maria Bradfield
Motivational Moments with Maria
Create New Habits
Show Notes

What new habits have you created in your daily routine to keep you on your game, protect yourself, and take you to the next level of performance for yourself?

 As Benjamin Franklin stated: “Your Net Worth Is Usually Determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted.” 

We are on auto pilot or cruise control 95% of the time. 

Our daily actions are unconscious and they become second nature. A habit is something that you don’t even think about. 

It’s like taking medication. You know what time and how much you need to take each and every day and you have created a daily habit of taking your meds at the same time. 

You know when it’s time and how to brush your teeth, drive a car, eat, drive and so much more. These are all learned behaviors that you have developed over time and you have created habits around them. 

Remember this, We were not born with any habits so each habit has been learned…yes both good and bad ones. 

So my friends if you picked up a habit that you are not fond of, like smoking, overeating, drinking sodas, the great news is that you can unlearn these habits that we picked up. And, the longer you have been doing the habit, the longer it will take to undo it as it has become so strong over time. 

Let me give you an analogy to consider. 

Habits start out like a spider webs. Have you every really looked at a spider web in the making. When you first encounter a small one, you bat it away without a second glance but……if you have seen one that has been weaved and created, the spider web is so strong and you cannot just bat it away. You can get entangled in it and it can be as strong as steel. So, imagine your habit being as solid as steel and you have to chip away at it a little at a time. 

It’s going to take some effort and some time.