Motivational Moments with Maria

How To Deepen Relationships

August 16, 2021 Maria Bradfield
Motivational Moments with Maria
How To Deepen Relationships
Show Notes

Here is your question of the week. 

I’m really curious about this subject. What are some things you do to deepen your relationships?

 And by this I not only mean your significant, intimate relationships but with your friends, family and co-workers too. 

Much too often we take our friends and family and most of all our significant others for granted. What I have learned over the years is it takes effort to keep relationships alive and thriving. Are you investing enough time in deepening all your relationships and creating new ones? 

All relationships are cyclical. Relationships go through cycles. The first is the merge….you come together and this is the fun stage. 

You start out playful, fun, and then boom, something happens and you start pulling away and move to the doubt and denial phase. 

This is when you start noticing subtle differences between yourselves and all is not rosy any more. You begin to critique more and may withdraw or disagree more often. 

You notice yourself criticizing your partner or friends or co-workers or perhaps they are criticizing you. You find yourself avoiding certain situations. 

This is a really difficult phase and sometimes it ends up being the decision phase to move on for some. Perhaps you don’t care for the person’s negativity, energy or victim mentality.

 This is when you become extremely aware of what you need in deep friendships and intimate relationships.