Motivational Moments with Maria

Potential and Possibilities

August 09, 2021 Maria Bradfield
Motivational Moments with Maria
Potential and Possibilities
Show Notes

Here is your question of the week. 

Have you identified the possibilities available to you in your life and are you realizing your full potential? 

What do you need to do to reach the next level of your potential. What does having potential really mean? 

Potential can be either good or bad. ... 

But when a person "has potential", we always expect something good from it in the future. 

As an adjective, potential usually means simply "possible". So these two words go hand in hand and let me say this… my friend have more potential and the possibilities are greater than you know. 

I know you want to be more, do more and have more. 

If you say NO, I don’t…..I say BOLLOCKS….another word for rubbish or BS. 

You would not be listening to this podcast if you did not believe in your own potential and the possibilities that life presents to you. Are you grabbing it; are you pushing yourself to be a better partner, spouse, lover, mother, father, employee, employer?

 Or are you just playing through and say to yourself…I am comfortable where I am and don’t want any more.