Motivational Moments with Maria

The Butterfly Effect

August 02, 2021 Maria Bradfield
Motivational Moments with Maria
The Butterfly Effect
Show Notes

This week’s question to ponder. 

What do you believe about yourself and what factors contributed to your belief system? 

Your thoughts are running rampant all day long triggered by your internal compass or what I call Your internal belief system. It is your guide, your map on how we live our lives and let me explain. 

It started a long time ago and the best way to explain this is through the story of John. John was a young immigrant boy who grew up in Southern California in poverty. His family was poor and he worked the fields side by side with his parents. 

He was told…..this is what we do! He never had new clothes, just hand me downs from other siblings. When he went to school, there were many others like him but there were others that made fun of him and teased him because he was different. He was of Hispanic descent and the color of this skin was different. 

Other children made fun of him. He spoke another language and people teased him and laughed at him because of his accent. What do you think this young boy believed about himself? He was told, you are different, you are not good enough, you can only go so far. And he carried those beliefs with him everywhere he went. 

Through all his elementary, middle school and high school years. 

All he kept hearing from his Mother was this. “I just want you to graduate from High School.” That’s it. That was his only goal. To please his mom and graduate from high school. 

Then what? Get a job and do the grind everyday? 

Make enough money to live, pay your bills and maybe have some leftover for something fun.

 He heard this too…You are only capable of making a certain amount of money and you will need to get a high school diploma.

 This was his ceiling. Imagine that.