Motivational Moments with Maria

Possibilities For You

November 28, 2023 Maria Bradfield
Motivational Moments with Maria
Possibilities For You
Show Notes

I believe in the power of personal development and must constantly challenge and renew my energy and commitment to my clients and myself. 

December is almost upon us. Thanksgiving has passed and as we move into December I ask you this…have you looked back on the year of 2023, and said WOW...look at all I accomplished this year.

Did you take time to congratulate and celebrate your successes...even if they were small wins such as learning how to use Artificial Intelligence or Facetime Live? Or maybe it was learning how to cook for yourself. 

We must celebrate more.  It’s not about achieving the big hairy audacious goal…it’s about taking steps every day to move towards the target.  It’s about experiencing the journey and loving the journey. 

What’s next for YOU?  What ambitions do you have for yourself going into 2024?  It’s time to regain that zest and love for your job, career, family and fun.

What do you BELIEVE is possible?  We are at the end of 2023 my friends… the end of the another year…What do YOU BELIEVE is possible for you, your career and your family.

It’s time..time to reimagine and take control of your life’s ambitions. It’s time for you to believe that anything is possible.  Am I repeating  myself……Of course.

And why?

Because many of you have limiting beliefs that are still holding you back. It’s time to crush them and create new ones.

Stay focused, stay positive, and always have fun.