Motivational Moments with Maria

How to Get Into Flow

October 23, 2023 Maria Bradfield
Motivational Moments with Maria
How to Get Into Flow
Show Notes

Welcome, my friends, to another captivating episode of Motivational Moments with Maria. I'm Crazy Coach Maria, and words cannot express the immense thrill and honor I feel knowing that you have chosen to tune in. Your feedback and suggestions have meant the world to me, and I encourage you to continue sharing them. Together, we are on an incredible journey of personal growth and transformation.

It’s still October and that means it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Please, oh please, get yourself checked.

Oh, by the way every day in October I wear PINK to continue to bring awareness.  So, go on and check yourself. To all you guys...encourage the women in your life to check in!

Let's start with a question or two: How many of you love to dance? Do you even like to dance?  What about music?  Do you like to listen to music?

This past weekend I attended my nephew’s wedding and of course I danced my heart out and I thought about today’s subject. The dance analogy is so perfect.  

Have you ever gone dancing and were a little reluctant to get up and do your thing to the music?  When you first get up to dance you may feel a little awkward and it takes a little bit of time to get with the rhythm of the music.  Pretty soon you find yourself feeling the music, warming up to the dance and fully immersed in your activity. You are now in the flow of the song and your body is in concert with the music.  When the next song starts up you are already in momentum and feeling the groove, and may step it up a notch. That’s when your cool moves begin to show up.

As the music further penetrates your soul you lose yourself in the rhythm and flow of the dance.  Time stands stills and when the song is over, you feel energized, and in some cases totally spent.  The movements are so easy and natural.

 You feel GREAT! You are in your natural rhythm and flow.