Motivational Moments with Maria

8 Steps to Decompress

September 18, 2023 Maria Bradfield
Motivational Moments with Maria
8 Steps to Decompress
Show Notes

Welcome, my friends, to another captivating episode of Motivational Moments with Maria. I'm Crazy Coach Maria, and words cannot express the immense thrill and honor I feel knowing that you have chosen to tune in. Your feedback and suggestions have meant the world to me, and I encourage you to continue sharing them. Together, we are on an incredible journey of personal growth and transformation.

Everyone has a purpose, and my purpose t is to provide you with the tools and inspiration you need to stay focused, energetic, disciplined, enthusiastic, and positive. 

My goal is to empower you to experience boundless excitement, fulfillment, and joy in every area of your life. I want you to wake up each day with the knowledge that you have shown up as your best self, regardless of the challenges that may come your way.

Moreover, this podcast fuels my own energy, enthusiasm, and passion for the work I do. It is a constant reminder of the profound impact we can have on each other's lives as we embark on this journey of personal growth together.

Here is you question this week.  What do you do to decompress?  Many of you have asked me how I decompress after a long day of work.  Today I will share 8 ideas on how you can decompress.

We all have a lot of chaos going on. You may have children running around the house all day, slinging diapers and toys around, you may have a high-powered stressful job that requires your full attention, or you may be a caretaker.  It seems like every time we turn around, there is something to do. 

While decompressing may not fix your daily stresses, it can help you from becoming frustrated and angry at life. By making time to release this negative energy, you're contributing to a healthier mind and body.

Listen in for some ideas.

Stay focused, stay positive and always have fun.