Motivational Moments with Maria

Stretch to Success

August 07, 2023 Maria Bradfield
Motivational Moments with Maria
Stretch to Success
Show Notes

Here is the question of the week.  Have you ever been stuck?  Do you find yourself ever getting stuck? Those moments when you can’t seem to go forward or backwards.

When I was a kid – ok that’s a long time ago…I was stuck in the mud in my rain boots up to my knees.  I could not move. I couldn’t have been more than 7 or 8 and my brother had to rescue me.  I was stuck and could not move forward or backwards. 

My boots are probably sitting there at the bottom of the reservoir that was being built. I was STUCK!   I may have been in a lot of trouble for losing those boots.

That’s a simple description of being stuck, but have you ever felt like you are on a merry go round and can’t seem to jump off. You have a sense of stuckness and are afraid to make the leap off that merry go round.

It seems as though you keep repeating the same things over and over and the same scenery keeps showing up. 

Why is that and where does this stuckness come from?  I am sure you have had plenty of conversations with yourself about this. I know I have. 

It comes from our OLD CONDITIONING…what’s happened is we have created these deep mental grooves in our brain and our mind is conditioned to stay in DEFAULT MODE.  The brain searches those grooves and voila, I know what I am supposed to do and then executes.

Now, default mode can be good because our brain shoots into default mode for most activities in life such as eating, driving, brushing your teeth, and all the normal routines of life.

However, DEFAULT MODE also keeps you stuck in the past because Your brain is trying to protect you at all times. It does not want to let go of our stubborn beliefs and habits. 

Listen in for some ideas on how to stretch and get out of stuckness.

Stay focused, stay positive and always have fun.