Motivational Moments with Maria

Become More Self-Reliant

May 08, 2023 Maria Bradfield
Motivational Moments with Maria
Become More Self-Reliant
Show Notes

The topic we are taking on today is self-reliance.

If you're like me, you've probably heard the phrase "self-reliance" before. But what does it mean? You are probably asking yourself, what does it have to do with me?

Well, I'm glad you asked! Let's talk about the meaning of self-reliance and how it can help you live a more meaningful and better life.

Merriam Webster defines self-reliance simply as “reliance on one’s own efforts and abilities. But it’s really so much more than that.

Self-reliance is just the idea that an individual can be their own source of strength. It's not about relying on others for help or support—it's about knowing that you have everything inside of you to do whatever needs to be done.  Now I am not saying you isolate yourself from others but what I am saying is that you truly do have everything you need within yourself to achieve your desires.

In 1848 the great philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson published an essay entitled Self-Reliance.  It contains Emerson’s beliefs and perspectives on how society negatively impacts our growth. He argues strongly that self-reliance, self-trust, and individualism, amongst other things, are ways that we can avoid the conformity imposed upon us. Or, he also argues, that we quite frequently impose upon ourselves.  Yes, we do that a lot to ourselves. You know it and I know it.

Listen in for some thoughts and ideas on how to increase your healthy self-reliance concepts.

As always, stay focused, stay positive and have fun.