Motivational Moments with Maria

Your Credibility is Everything

July 18, 2022 Maria Bradfield
Motivational Moments with Maria
Your Credibility is Everything
Show Notes

Welcome my friends to Motivational Moments with Maria.  

You inspire me to help you stay a little more focused, disciplined, inspired, and positive so YOU can create more excitement, fulfillment, fun and joy in all areas of your life. With the chaos and stress of our daily lives we sometimes need a reminder to appreciate more and stay the course.  

It also helps me stay more energetic, and obsessed about my own personal development studies. I really believe we all need someone cheering us on and encouraging us to be better each and every day.  

I trust you projected the qualities of a winner this past week and created your award-winning script for your life.  How did it feel?  And since you are a regular listener, did you project some of the qualities of a winner?  I thought so, and good for you.   Remember, the real key to winning in life is projecting that image of yourself that you would like to become and practice it each and every day.  

I was speaking to my coach the other day and we are challenging each other to project one of the unique qualities of a winner and make the subtle changes we need to make in our lives.  My wish is that you do too.   

 So on to today’s topic and of course it’s always going to start with a question and here is your question of the week. If you had to score yourself, on a scale of 1-10, on your Credibility, how would you rate yourself?  Take just a moment to reflect on that.  And what does credibility mean to you?   

 Your credibility is everything and what I mean is how do you think you are viewed by others and what they think of you. Now I know you shouldn’t care what others think of you and the truth is we do and we know others are talking about you.  It does not matter what line of work you are in, credibility is so important. Do others look at you as a reliable resource? Do they believe what you tell them?  

Being credible means developing a set of very specific qualities--no matter what your role, your organization, or your industry. If you're serious about establishing yourself as credible here are some of the qualities that you can develop.  

Listen in for some credible thoughts.